The update, without really getting anywhere

Update to this ongoing saga, well there isn’t much at the moment as MBAU Customer Assistance Centre are fairly useless!!

They still haven’t provided the requested software licence, for the software they say is licenced to me; although I didn’t purchase any software… Interesting concept from MBAU though, does this mean the radio software, memory seat software, engine control unit software (this list goes on) all has a software licence agreement I should adhere, or have agreed, to??

I also requested a copy of the 36-month warranty terms and conditions as my car failed while under warranty, however, many cars failed shortly after they were delivered (within months). They’re having trouble finding this to send me a copy ….??

OK, so this is why I find MBAU CAC useless this week, and untruthful. I call on Monday 10th May, ask to speak with Deb who has been looking after my case. She’s not there, and her cases have been moved to someone else; they will call me back later.

Mandy calls me later in the day, and has no idea about the case, what I’m waiting for and is unable to read the case notes before she calls. Mandy commits to calling me back the next day, 11/5.

11/5 – No call.
12/5 – No call.

13/5 – I call back to MBAU, Mandy works part-time, back tomorrow and they’ll leave a message for her to call.

14/5 – By 16:00 no call back from Mandy, so I call MBAU. Mandy’s had a tough day, and left for the day. OK, no problem, “Can I speak with her supervisor or manager”. [Silence] The response is that it’s the agent that deals with the case. I understand, but push to speak with a supervisor or manager because it’s not reasonable to be let down twice in a week. After 4-5 minutes on hold they locate MANDY!!!

Mandy called me back an hour+ later, with nothing really useful to tell me, other than still waiting on “advice from management”. And that she would ‘… not leave the office on Monday until she has called me.” Let’s see!!!

My website is getting lots of hits from around the world, there are some unhappy Mercedes drivers out there.


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