Still slowly bubbling with Mercedes Benz

So the active case, I guess, is still bubbling along with Mercedes Benz after receiving the below email from them yesterday. 

Good afternoon Mr xxxxx, 

Please be advised that investigations regarding your enquiry are still in progress.

We will endeavour to update you in due course.


Kind Regards


Mandy K

Customer Relations Specialist, Customer Assistance Centre


Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd

44 Lexia Place, Mulgrave | Victoria, Australia, 3170
1300 300 896  | E customerassistancecentre@daimler.com

I mention that with some scepticism as there has been almost radio silence over the past few weeks. Mandy has called a couple of times, but provided nothing to go on. Mercedes still haven’t been able to produce either the 3-year warranty statement, which covers my vehicle, or the software licence agreement they referred to in their correspondence.

Mercedes respond – very disappointing …

Last time Mandy called she did say she had the 3-year warranty statement that she could send to me and would; but nothing has turned up yet. (Maybe she has forgotten, or senior managers have blocked the communication??)

Not surprising really as the last thing she said to me on Tuesday 18th May 2021, when she left me a voice mail was “… I will give you an update by the latest Friday 21st May.”.

Radio silence ever since, with the exception of the email above.


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