Six week later and still no reply from Mercedes Benz AU

So apparently, according to the letter from Mercedes Benz AU, there is software in my vehicle which is licenced to me….?

“In response, Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd) (MBAuP) considers that the sun downing of software that was licensed to you …”

Strange really as I didn’t buy any software; there isn’t any shown on my invoice …

Anyway, to play along with the games of MBAU, I’ve asked them for a copy of the software licence agreement, because surely there would be one. If someone supplies you software, there is always a software licence agreement. Like the software used in your radio, Engine Control Unit, memory seats …

Six weeks on, and a couple of reminders and I’m still waiting for the licence agreement.

Also still waiting for a copy of the three year express warranty which the vehicle was supplied with. This is also really important as the web browser stopped working within the express warranty period, which is another breach of Australian Consumer Law.

So I gave MBAU a call today, Wednesday 28th April 2021, speak to Raef, who in turn speaks with Deb (who is a signatory of the MBAU letters sent to me and others) and the response “…will be with me by Friday 30th April 2021, or at the latest Tuesday 3rd May 2021”.

What is the delay you may wonder; ‘legal’. They are waiting for a response from ‘legal’ before they can get back to me. If only I had left it another couple of days I could have saved myself a telephone call.

These are important documents for when NSW Fair Trading follow up on the case they’ve got at the moment, Case goes to NSW Fair Trading. They will be even more important when the case goes to NCAT.

Well let us see whether MBAU can keep to a timeframe, and if they have found the software licence agreement.

Stay tuned !!


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