NSW Fair Trading – the outcome

So I received a call from NSW Fair Trading on the 17th May 2021, from the officer who had been dealing with this case. It had taken around six weeks from when I put the case in for me to be contacted. There were notices that cases may take some weeks to be reviewed, so I wasn’t too concerned about the amount of time. I was also pretty sure of what the outcome would be before I put the case in, but it’s good to follow the protocol.

He informed me he had been in touch with Daniel Brown at G Brothers. There was no indication of how many times he had contacted G Brothers, but the outcome was almost as I expected.

G Brothers will not accept the failure, although they did confirm the COMAND system option had been discontinued by Mercedes Benz in 2019. (Obviously sounds like Daniel Brown trying to gloss over the fact this this pursuit isn’t that the COMAND system was discontinued, but functions of the purchased COMAND system have been discontinued.)

They denied either the replacement of the vehicle, or a full refund.

However, they did offer to consider a partial refund of the COMAND system, and to contact Daniel Brown directly if I wished to follow that up. NSW Fair Trading said G Brothers had indicated a partial refund of between $1,000-$1,500.

 What is interesting about their offer is that it is two to three times that of Mercedes Benz when they have offered it to other owners of vehicles. See the other offers here Mercedes offers compensation for its ‘sun downed’ COMAND function

If you need help from NSW Fair Trading click here to go to their site, NSW Fair Trading


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