Mercedes respond – very disappointing …

After sending an official rejection to G Brothers and Mercedes Benz on the 15th February 2021 Mercedes has eventually replied.

I may publish the rejection letter to G Brothers and Mercedes Benz at a later date.

G Brothers response was quick off the mark with the following:

Good afternoon Mr xxxxx,
Thank you for your correspondence dated 15 February 2021 and the opportunity for G Brothers to consider its position in this matter.

As an independent Mercedes-Benz retailer, we understand the free web browsing function that you describe has been sun-downed by the vehicle manufacturer. In this regard any queries you have regarding this function are best addressed with the manufacturer directly. Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd can be contacted at customerassistancecentre@daimler.com

Notwithstanding the above, based on the current information available to G Brothers, G Brothers does not consider that it has breached its obligations under the ACL which entitles you to a refund. On this basis, we are unable to accede to your request to provide you with a refund at this time.


Best Regards,


Daniel Browne

General Manager I G Brothers

Authorised Mercedes-Benz Sales, Service & Parts

Now, what is interesting here is that G Brothers try to pass this off the the manufacturer, Mercedes Benz. In itself that maybe seen as a breach of ACL.

The response from Mercedes Benz was interesting because they acknowledge that the ‘sun downing’ of the function has occurred, and that the software for that function was licenced to me. What they haven’t done yet though is provided a copy of the software licence.



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