Let’s raise a case with Mercedes Benz Australia

Friday afternoon, 14:00, let’s raise a case with Mercedes Benz Australia. I’m pretty sure they are going to be helpful with this issue, given it’s not quite normal for software to stop operating.

With any complaint you need to ensure your case has been reported, and that they have a record of it. Of course they want to ensure you’ve spoken with the dealer; that’s coming next. It’s a good protocol to follow, and has always turned out with positive outcomes.

So I called Mercedes Benz Australia on 1300 762 718 and spoke with Michael on the phone. He logged the case for me, 2-1215030xxxx. He was pleasant as you would expect from a global manufacturer of prestige vehicles. 

When I asked who the current Managing Director of Mercedes Benz Australia was it took a few seconds, but he confirmed Florian Seidler. Not much information on the web about him, but here’s one of the press announcements.

Changing of the guard for Mercedes-Benz A/P

Florian Siedler - MB

Florian Siedler – Managing Direct, Mercedes Benz Australia

Picture credit to GoAutoNewsPremium, Changing of the guard for Mercedes-Benz A/P


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