Case logged with NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal

The case has been lodged with the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) with the first conciliation and hearing date set for the 22nd June 2021. As I believe both G Brothers and Mercedes Benz have both breached sections of Australia Consumer Law the case has been lodged against them both.

The material to support my case has been submitted, but as yet I’ve received nothing from either Mercedes or G Brothers. In fact, to date, Mercedes has not provided any of the information I have requested; including the 36-month warranty statement.

It just goes to show how Mercedes Benz really go out of their way to give their customers the run around. Only two weeks ago Mercedes told me, over the phone, that they have the 36-month warranty statement which they can send to me; but nothing yet. Then in an email in response to my request for documents they say they’re not going to supply anything until they get to NCAT.

Anyway, stay tuned to the updates to come over the next few weeks.

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Dependant up on the outcome from NCAT this case could extend a fair bit!


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