So I’m stuck in traffic on the way home, why??

So I’m on the way home from work on Thursday 11th February 2021, and the traffic is at a standstill. This is really strange because at 17:45 the traffic has always cleared from around Talavera Road, North Ryde, and the run out is really easy.

No problem, I had this situation before, and I know where to find answers. In my Mercedes GLC250 I have the COMMAND system, an additional accessory which cost over $2000 and it has an internet browser. Better than that though, I’ve saved links to most of the LiveTraffic cameras around the north of Sydney so I can check them easily.

Using the COMMAND controls I open up the web browser, select the closet camera I see and fire up the web site. However, I receive the following message on the screen:

‘Internet browser discontinued

The browsing feature has been discontinued and will no longer be supported. We apologise for any inconvenience.’

Hang on I thinks, that is a strange message. How can the internet browser be discontinued …?? It’s a piece of software residing in my car, the car I purchased and with the addition of the COMMAND system.


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