OK, time to talk to G Brothers

Let’s speak with the Service Manager, they know best … ??

So I put a call into G Brothers, because that’s where I purchased the Mercedes Benz GLC250, and ask to speak with the Service Manager. He’s not available, away on leave, so I leave a message for the General Manager to call me as soon as possible; a chap called Daniel Browne.

Daniel Browne – LinkedIn

Of course he doesn’t want to speak to me, so he gets one of the service advisors to call me, and I explain the issue.

So the problem I have is the internet browser has stopped working. In fact it says it’s discontinued according to the web. This is really strange, and must be some error as the car isn’t that old?

So the service advisor goes away to do some checking and later that evening sends this email to me:

“Good evening Nick

I have followed this up for you & found a Mercedes-Benz documentation stating that “from January 2020 ONWARDS free browsing will no longer be available, there is no remedy. The service is no longer supported by Mercedes-Benz.

The affected countries: Slovakia, Turkey, South Africa, UAE, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, Taiwan, Russia, Australia, New Zealand.

Unfortunately this function is no longer available in Australia & there is no dealer fix with any available software to rectify your concern.”

BOOM!! So if I were looking to buy a new car, and find this isn’t available I might be upset and maybe not buy the car; but I do have a choice to purchase this car or not.

However, I bought this car and now they’ve taken away one of the functions. A bit like buying an ice cream, and then the take away the ice cream and leave you with the cone!! Seriously, game on from here!!



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