Mercedes gives owners the run about

More people are raising this issue of the discontinued web browser in their fairly new vehicles.

Mercedes are making out in many cases that they are only just aware of the discontinuation of the web browser. They are also being untruthful about informing users that it has been discontinued. Mercedes have asserted they have informed customers, but no one for the memo.

There are a number of cases making it through QLD and NSW Fair Trading, and soon to be one at least going through NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Case logged with NSW Fair Trading

A-Class club UK – GLC with internet browser discontinued 

Here are some of the responses which demonstrate the run around Mercedes Benz Australia is giving to the owners of affected vehicles.

“Hi, Mercedes-Benz Australia has asked me to take the vehicle in for a check – it confirmed the discontinuation and the dealership made out they were unaware. The matter has been referred to the Consumer Ombudsman for Fair Trade that has reviewed the Consumer Legislation and confirmed MB has breached consumer legislation in Australia. They failed terribly, no communications to owners, no offering of an alternative or solution. Total ignorance. MB has now time to respond to my matter. Mario from MB Australia has contacted me, to take the vehicle in so a specialist can attend to the vehicle (so they’re wasting my time and money further to attend to the dealership). I’m awaiting a solution, MB has to be provided a fair time to respond. After that the Fair Trade Ombudsman will send them a notice to respond. Potential fines and also be forced to offer a solution to consumers that have been disadvantaged. The fine can be in the $millions.”

And further:

“You must lodge a complaint with the Fair Trade Ombudsman, I did mine with the QLD Fair Trade Ombudsman and the ACCC. Make sure you receive a reference number. The more complaints they receive, the more likely MB will receive a fine if they do not provide a solution.

Only items you need:

  • Detailing you complaint
  • Invoice of purchase

I’m happy to send you a copy of my complaint that went in.”


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