Mercedes buys back vehicle due to loss of COMAND functions

Mercedes has bought back a vehicle in July 2020 due to the loss of functions in the COMAND system. In this buy back they haven’t admitted any liability, that would open the gates for all Mercedes vehicles equipped with the COMAND system to seek a refund, with or without the ACL.

In fact they ‘… vehemently deny …’ this loss of functionality would breach the ACL, but then go on to say that if it did it would be ‘minor’. Here they appear to have missed the reasoning of ‘minor’ and ‘major’ as defined in ACL. In fact this is misunderstood by many; ‘minor’ and ‘major’ do not relate to size or cost, they relate to a number of tests. Section 260 of the ACL cover these reasons.

Is this letter from Mercedes genuine? It certainly appears to be!

Check out the full story on the AutoExpert website



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