More vehicle owners coming forward

More Mercedes owners with the discontinued web browser are getting in touch. And not only are they getting in touch, they are taking action!! The experience in QLD is the same in NSW; Fair Trading (NSW) or the Office of Fair Trading (QLD) both agree there is a case to be answered by Mercedes Benz Australia.

Mercedes are also also acting a little dumb also regarding their discontinuation of the web browser, and are sending owners off the to dealership to have it checked out. 

It only took G Brother in Mona Vale, NSW, a couple of hours to confirm by email that the web browser was discontinued.

Why are Mercedes taking that approach, and not just owning up to their mistake? Only Mercedes know, but worldwide it would cost a fair chunk of cash to resolve the issue. Probably better if they fixed the issue they had in the first place.

Having checked out recent service notes it is clear to see the firmware/programs in Mercedes vehicles can be updated, but there isn’t an update for the web browser issue; so far.


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