About Me

Who am I?

Why am I on this quest!!


I am a guy who has trouble in accepting poorly made goods, manufacturers who do not keep to their word when selling a product, and those that will not do the right thing. It isn’t that they cannot do the right thing, it is they just refuse based on a financial outcome they would rather avoid.

So when this happens it fires me into action. I’ve made claims again against many organisations for their products which fail, can’t be maintained, and in all cases breach Australian Consumer Law.
I am not a lawyer, or trained in any legal system. What I do though is research, read and interpret Australian Consumer Law. From this research and reading I have determined what I believe to be my rights.

Anything you read on this site is purely based on my understanding of Australian Consumer Law, and my rights therein. You do not have to believe what I say, and you can navigate away from this site at any time.