Mercedes browser software no longer working!!

You could be eligible for a refund of your Mercedes Benz vehicle if it is fitted with the COMAND system!!!

The COMAND system, fitted to many models of Mercedes vehicles, has a function which now has stopped working. The operation of this internet browser has been stopped by Mercedes, but under Australian Consumer Law you may be able to claim a refund from the supplier/retailer from whom you purchased the vehicle.

If you think that not going to happen read this article – The truth about Mercedes-Benz ownership in Australia

Read through this site and you will find out why you should be able to claim a refund. Basically it fails a number of clauses of the Australian Consumer Law, which then amount to a ‘major failure’ and allows you to reject the product. If a product has a ‘major failure’ it is the election of the consumer to either seek a refund or replacement.

Discontinued browserSo it’s a bit of a surprise when you go to use one of the functions in your car, which you’ve paid extra for, and it doesn’t work. Strange really because typically software doesn’t just stop working. If nothing changes then there is nothing to break.

The internet browser, used for browsing the internet stopped working. I used it for checking traffic cameras, fuel prices, the latest news, and anything else on the internet. It did not stop working, Mercedes have actually stopped it from working.

Here is the correspondence from Mercedes where they refunded for this issue.


Mercedes Benz COMAND system browser no longer works, and it would appear to be a breach of Australian Consumer Law.

A paid option sold with cars all over Australia, and the world, has stopped. Well it didn’t just stop working …

Described through ALL of these links, from around the world, many people are not in agreement with what Mercedes Benz has done to their COMAND system.

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Do not be fooled!!

Do not be fooled, in fact it didn’t just stop working, Mercedes Benz took a decision to stop it from working. How do I know that, well they told me quite clearly that they’ve ‘sun downed’ that feature, and just to clarify they also confirmed they had licenced the software to me. 

Well when you have a search around it’s quite often called ‘sunsetted’, which normally means the software has come to end of life, been intentionally phased out come to end of life. 

“Software vendors usually sunset older versions of their products when one or more newer version is available. In that context, sunsetting usually means that the product is no longer supported.” – sunsetting

Is this the right thing for Mercedes to have done?

Well, I for one don’t think so. Therefore I am going to use my rights and use Australian Consumer Law to request a refund for the vehicle. Why should any consumer be expected to pay good money for a product, pay extra for additional features, and then at the whim of the manufacturer have those features removed?

I just do not think it right or correct, and therefore I am seeking a refund from the dealer who sold the vehicle. (This is the way the Australian Consumer Law is written; my claim is against the supplier, G Brothers in Mona Vale, Sydney, not against Mercedes Benz.